Air Terra Psamathe

Set nature in motion

Why settle for an ordinary planter? Our Air Terra will enhance any home or office. Perfect conversation piece - your guests will be amazed!

Set this gravity-defying pot near a window that gets full sunlight. As it floats above its base and rotates slowly, your plants will absorb vital nutrients from air and sun.

The Secret Is MAGLEV: Magnetic Levitation Technology
It all starts with two powerful magnets, manually assembled: one in the planter, one in its matching base (included). The base magnet pushes up against the planter magnet. This, in turn, lifts the planter into the air, where it hovers and rotates gently, for an awesome, ongoing spectacle!

*Plant not provided

Deliveries take about 1 to 3 business days depending on your location and after the order has been fulfilled.

Includes flower pot base, lava stone flower pot, and AC Adapter.

No batteries required.

1. Floating magnet size: 5*5*7cm
2. Base magnet size: 10*10*6,5cm
3. Max Levitating weight: 400g
4. Floating Distance: 40-45mm
5. Material: Ceramic and lava stones flowerpot.
6. AC Power Adaptor: DC Output 15V, 1500mA
7. Usage: Indoor use only.
8. Power adapter: US plug / EU plug / AU plug / UK plug

*Plant not provided

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