How To Float

Remark: We advise laying a piece of cloth between the base and the pot when learning to operate the product for the first time.

1) Place the base of your Air Terra on an absolutely horizontal surface. 

2) Connect the base to a power source.

3) Hold firmly the flowerpot with both hands and put your fingers under it while holding it tight. Then, proceed to move the flowerpot vertically downwards the center of the base.

4) Approach the flowerpot towards the center of the base slowly, and start to move it left and right, or front and back to get to the levitating point.

5) When you feel that the magnetic force is getting a hold on the flowerpot from the base, this means you have found the right levitation position. You may start to release the flowerpot gently.




  • If you cannot succeed to levitate the flowerpot within 1 minute, please take away the flowerpot from the base. Take off the adapter from the base for 5 minutes, and then try again. Otherwise, there is a risk for the base to overheat and to be damaged.
  • If the power is turned OFF, do not keep the flowerpot and the base directly stick together. Always keep the base and the flowerpot separated.
  • Keep any other electronic items (computer, laptop, smartphone, credit cards) at least 20cm away from the levitating base and flowerpot.
  • Any person with a peacemaker is advised to stay away from the levitating base and flowerpot
  • High fall of the base or of the flowerpot will lead to the probability of damage.
  • This is not a toy and therefore it is not suitable for the children under 12 years of age.
  • For indoor use only.
  • You can grow any potted plant in the flowerpot.
  • When watering the plant, take care to not drop water on the base. If the base gets wet, dry it.