Why settle for an ordinary planter?

At Floating Terra, we believe in crafting the best products for your indoor plants. 

Our Air Terra collections will fill you with a sense of peace, quieting your inner monologues and removing you from the stresses of the day.

Imagine after an exhausting day at work, coming home and watching your favourite plant gently levitating.

Forget your worries, sit down and relax as you watch it. Floating Terra can take you there every time, every day.

Ideal for small plants.

Perfect for your small indoor plants. Set them up for an ongoing 360-degree motion.

Natural lava stone planter.

Providing a better aeration of the soil, enhanced drainage and water retention.

Magnetic levitation.

Quiet and steady ground-breaking flower pot using  magnetic levitation, guaranteeing to amaze your friends and family.


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